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The Knees vs. Neecher Chess Game

As of October 4, 2002

Pieces captured by Neecher:

Neecher (Black)

Knees (White)

Pieces captured by Knees:

Move Knees Neecher
1 e2-e4 e7-e5
2 Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6
3 Bf1-b5 a7-a6
4 Bb5-c4 b7-b5
5 Bc4-d5 Bc8-b7
6 Nf3-g5 Qd8×g5
7 O-O Ng8-f6
8 d2-d3 Qg5-h5
9 Rf1-e1 Qh5×d1
10 Re1×d1 O-O-O
11 Nb1-d2 Nc6-d4
12 Nd2-f3 Nd4×c2

Knees, you may use the following form to submit your next move.

Select the piece you want to move and the coordinates.
For en passant, enter the current and resulting coordinates.
If castling, select the appropriate option from the first list and ignore the coordinates.

Your move: from to

If you are promoting a pawn, select the piece you want to promote to:


Enter comments, if any:

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