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Note: If you've come here in search of my debut compact disc album, Piano Transcriptions, it can be found at the Sato Music Editions website. My deep appreciation for all the support!

Allow me to introduce myself through some useless biographical data (click here for a professional bio):

Full Name
Junichi Steven Sato
Neecher (click here to read about the origin of my nickname, as well as an explanation of the musical icon at the top of this page)
Proprietor of
J. S. Sato Music Editions
Favorite Original Quote
It's never late to be late
Pianist, chamber musician, composer, arranger, editor, publisher, transcriber, proofreader, and engraver, but most of my waking hours are spent teaching at DePaul University and at Music Makers of Western Springs (let's face it: a musician has to do a little bit of everything in order to make a living)
Computer and calculator programming, computer games, flight simulation, chess
High school diploma (honor-roll) in Math and Science, Lane Technical High School, 1991; Bachelor of Music (honors) in Piano Performance, DePaul University, 1995; Master of Music in Piano Performance with a Cognate in Composition, Indiana University at Bloomington, 1998
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Music Teachers National Association, Chicago Area Music Teachers Association, National Guild of Piano Teachers, American Bach Society, American Liszt Society, Japanese American Citizens League
Travelled to
seven countries in Eastern and Western Europe (before the fall of the Berlin Wall) as a "student ambassador"
Co-author of
Urlkoiig, an unfinished novel about a kingdom threatened by overgrown serpents
Written and uploaded a variety of programs for the Hewlett-Packard HP-48SX including SupraFactor (a polynomial-factoring program), the MusicWriter Library (a collection of music-writing tools), a compass program that tells you where north is, and a dice game (click here to download my HP-48 programs)
Some Unusual Pieces in my Repertoire
Bach-Busoni: Toccata, Adagio, and Fugue in C; Mozart-Liszt-Busoni: Fantasie on Two Themes from the Marriage of Figaro; Paul de Schlözer: Concert Etude No. 1; George Rochberg: Partita-Variations
I Have An Obsession With
Ferruccio Busoni: Concerto in C for piano and orchestra with male chorus
My Last Major Work
was in F Major. Or was it A Major? Was it even tonal?
I Recently Saw
Franz Liszt talking to Elvis down at the drugstore

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