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HP-48S and HP-48SX Programs

Here you can download programs developed for the Hewlett-Packard HP-48S and HP-48SX calculators. You should note the following:

Algebra Library

Description: Several useful utilities collected in a library. Includes original programs such as SupraFactor, a polynomial factoring program.
Category: Algebra; mathematics
Authors: Akira Ijuin, Junichi Steven Sato, et alii
Size: 10,641 bytes

Library Documentation Click here to view the Algebra Library documentation
Library Click here to download the Algebra Library

Base Conversion Directory

Description: Customizable base conversion utility. Includes source code.
Category: Base conversion; mathematics
Authors: Akira Ijuin and Junichi Steven Sato (documentation)
Size: 4,972 bytes

Conversion Directory Documentation Click here to view the Base Conversion Directory documentation
Base Conversion
Directory Click here to download the Base Conversion Directory

Calculator Compass

Description: This program finds which way is north. Source code included.
Category: Science; recreation; mathematics
Author: Junichi Steven Sato
Size: 4,533 bytes

Calculator Compass Documentation Click here to view the Calculator Compass documentation
Compass Click here to download the Calculator Compass


Description: A dice game.
Category: Games; recreation
Author: Junichi Steven Sato
Size: 8,536 bytes

Documentation Click here to view the Cheerio documentation
Cheerio Click here to download Cheerio

MusicWriter Libraries

Description: These libraries are for music lovers and professional musicians alike. It includes sophisticated music writing tools as well as utilities to play back music. Package comes with 42 playable samples.
Category: Music; sound
Authors: Junichi Steven Sato and Shimpei Yamashita
Size: 65,001 bytes

Libraries Documentation Click here to view the MusicWriter Libraries documentation
Libraries Click here to download the MusicWriter Libraries

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